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Swizzy release today an update of his Simple 360 NAND Flasher now in version 1.3. This version is labelled as BETA because it includes new code and features that have been tested only a few times without any issues but we never I have a Jasper Jtag 256MB I'm trying to convert to a devkit. I've tried using RGLoader with dash 17150 but the program keeps saying it can't continue because access to "feedback.xex" is denied. I could also flash Fusion but I'd really rather not open my console again. can I flash fusion via Simple Nand Flasher on the 360 itself? Suggestions needed. It's not really a issue with old dashboards, or even old Dashlaunch versions. it's more of an issue that 1.3 doesn't support the new Dashlaunch versions (it doesn't get the response it expects). Corona 250gb RGH, 16mb, dashboard 17511. Aurora/dashlaunch/FSD, Xexmenu 1.2 installed Hey guys, just facing a bit of troubles updating to 17526 from 17511. I've gone through the procedure (tried with both neighbourhood and USB) of using Simple 360 Nand flasher to create a nanddump on my PC. I've used that in XeBuild to create an updated flash, and brought that onto my RGH. I ran the xex again, pressed A and Start to begin the next process to flashing with the updated nand flash Simple 360 NAND Flasher By Swizzy v1.3 (BETA) Please note that this is an open BETA, it have been tested by me and a few friends, but. i don't Blank dashlaunch plugin: Download ( xextool (+GUI) and XePatcher (+GUI): Download ( Lua xConsole: Download ( XDRPC (new version, contains JRPCv2. Check readme): Download ( Simple 360 NAND Flasher: Download (http://www.mediafire.c. Best Mouse Trap Ever, How To Make Bucket Mouse Trap - Duration: 10:59. NFC007 Net Fish Cambo & Street Food 19,828,118 views. Firstly, mot of this post is me aggregating the info and links together, so please excuse my copy-pasting, but at least I give credit! Also, I will come back and edit and create a proper comprehensive guide, I am just extremely tired right now and wanted to make something real quick to put some basic info in people's noggins. ( thanks a bunch. that's very kind of you. But I think I realized the issue here, when I run the NAND flasher from the Dashboard game: is mounted properly. Описание: Еще одна идея релиза от нашего "Трио" Всем известный вам Simple Nand Flasher 1.3 от Swizzy ,только на этот раз с русскоязычным интерфейсом. Simple 3. 60 Nand Flasher Скачать. Обновление Freeboot (Glitch- hack) до 1. Скачать игры через торрент. Или русскую версию download / Simple 360 NAND Flasher 1.3 Скачайте Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b Rus и поместите папку из архива на USB флешку с файловой системой FAT32. ===== leia a descriÇÃo do vÍdeo ===== quero lembrar que nÃo sou responsÁvel pelo mal uso deste tutorial ou a explicaÇÃo ou o conteÚdo. Simple 360 NAND Flasher -1.3 - Backup da nand do xbox RGH - Simple 360 NAND Flasher version 1.2 Программа для вашей JTAG / RGH / XDK консоли, которая позволит автоматически отключать беспроводные контроллеры. 360 Multi Builder Version. Contribute to Swizzy/XDK_Projects development by creating an account on GitHub. Simple 360 NAND Flasher source updated to version 1.3 BETA: Jan 28, 2013: Corona4G.c: Added German Simple 360 NAND Flasher By Swizzy v1.4b. Рекомендую использовать Simple NAND Flasher by Swizzy 1.3, так как если дамп имеет размер 16 мегабайт, откройте его в 360 Flash. Тут опять есть два способа. PlayStation 3. PS3 Игры; PS3 Всем известный вам Simple Nand Flasher 1.2 от Swizzy, только на этот раз с русскоязычным интерфейсом. Идеальный для всех консолей с JTAG/RGH хаком. Всем известный вам Simple Nand Flasher 1.3 от Swizzy ,только на этот раз с русскоязычным интерфейсом. Идеальный для всех консолей с JTAG/RGH хаком. about :. ===== leia a descriÇÃo do vÍdeo =====. quero lembrar que nÃo sou responsÁvel pelo mal uso deste tutorial ou a explicaÇÃo. Download Nand Flasher 360 For Xbox 360 1.2.0 Download Nand Flasher 360 for Windows 1.2.0 What is the NAND Flasher 360 for XBOX? The NAND Flasher. Simple 360 NAND Flasher 1.4 beta Discussion in 'Other Platforms' started by DeFalt, Jan 14, 2015. DeFalt Guest. DeFalt, Jan 14, 2015 #1. Starter. Simple Nand Flasher 1.3 - Письменная инструкция: Всем известный вам Simple Nand Flasher 1.2 от Swizzy,только на этот раз с русскоязычным интерфейсом. @@ -1,4 +1,4 @@ Simple 360 NAND Flasher By Swizzy v1. 3 (BETA) Simple 360 NAND Flasher By Swizzy v1. 4 (BETA) Please note that this is an open BETA, it have been tested by me and a few friends, but. i don't Swizzys Simple Nand Flasher 1.4b (Deutsch & Englisch) Swizzy hat jetzt von seinem Simple Nand Flasher 1.4b, This feature requires that you have dashlaunch 3.01 or later installed, if you don't it'll warn you about. Simple Nand Flasher 1.3 Beta by Swizzy. Swizzy hat Heute eine neue Version seines Nand Flasher released. Mit diesem Programm das direkt auf der 360 läuft könnt Ihr Euren Nand der 360 auslesen und beschreiben. При подключении напрямую без роутера ip-адрес будет 192.168.1 Это нормально или я что-то не так сделал с помощью Simple Nand Flasher? RGH пробует и пускает импульсы каждые. 下载simple 360 nand flasher 1.3 这个软件,把软件文件夹 simple 360 nand flasher 复制到u盘根目录,插入xbox360里。然后在我的游戏里运行xexmenue1.1 并找到u盘里的simple 360 nand flasher 的文件. Simple 360 NAND Flasher By Swizzy v1.2 Requirements - A Hacked Xbox 360 (JTAG/RGH or Simple 360 NAND Flasher 1.2. Conéctate para seguir esto Seguidores 0. 3 descargas Omniconvert. 5 descargas Más descargados. Semana;. Tools: Simple Nand Flasher XeBuild (16756) THIS TUTORIAL IS FOR PEOPLE WHOSE NAND IMG IS 48MB! Skip to step 9 if you already have a backup NAND and your CPU key 1. Boot into XeLL (with the console turned off press the eject button). Release Rus Simple Nand Flasher. 下载BT种子 磁力链接 3个文件 , 共6.58 MB / 2013-03-27收录 / 人气:6 / 下载速度:较慢. Release Rus Simple Nand Flasher 收录时间:2013-03-27 文件大小:6.58 MB 文件数:3 下载速度:较慢 人气:6 磁力链接 下载BT种子. Simple 360 NAND Flasher 1.2 RUS.rar Simple 360 NAND Flasher 1.3 Teaser. freeboot dashboard 17150 dashlaunch dual nand xbox 360 freestyle simple nand flasher. freeboot 17150 dashlaunch xbox 360 freestyle simple nand flasher dashboard 17150. How to read / write / flash phat xbox 360 nand. PS3 Exploit using Swizzy continue de travailler activement sur la partie Xbox 360 et release aujourd'hui sa nouvelle application : Simple Nand Flasher. Pour rappel, ce soft permet de dumper et de flasher n'importe quelle nand sur une Xbox 360 JTAG ou RGH, à la façon de Rawflash, mais sans être Secure Digital SD elles ont une forme similaire aux MMC, l g rement plus paisses, et sont compatibles avec celles-ci (une MMC rentre dans un lecteur A generic subsystem for handling memory technology devices under Linux. Certified real-time operating system (RTOS) embOS according to IEC 61508 SIL 3 and IEC 62304 Class C. embOS-Safe comes with a certification kit containing. 1) Try using a LAN connection or a solid WiFi connection during exploitation. A weak signal can cause problems. 2) If the exploit takes more than 5 minutes Learning electronic theory is all well and good, but like most real tasks, electronics is 20% theory and 80% practice. Just because a circuit works. Following their PS3 IDPS Dumper v0.2.3 for 4.82 OFW update, the PS3Xploit Team of @bguerville, @esc0rtd3w, @smhabib and W released both a PlayStation The J-Trace PRO family of streaming trace probes is setting a new standard for trace probes. Analyze, verify and profile your code in real-time. Easy-Jtag PLUS Activation. Description: EasyJTAG PLUS Box is a professional JTAG programmer allowing you to work with devices(single or united into common chain. Wir hosten mehr als 520 Homebrews mit ber 1.200.000 Downloads. 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